The world’s 10 most wasteful transportation projects

| April 10, 2013

Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is rated among the top 10 most wasteful transportation projects. (Photo: Laborant /

Sometimes governments spend billions of dollars on transportation projects that turn out to be inefficient and a waste of tax dollars.

That’s why Jalopnik has compiled a list of the 10 most wasteful transportation projects in Modern History.

The projects listed are the top responses to a question Jalopnik asked its readers: “What’s the most wasteful transportation project ever?”

Check out the top 10 responses below, then head over to Jalopnik to see what the website’s readers had to say.

  1. Argentine Space Shuttle Service (Argentina)

  2. The Dubai Metro (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

  3. 24 Spanish Airport Improvements (Spain)

  4. Montreal-Mirabel Airport (Montreal, Canada)

  5. Gravina Island Bridge Project (Alaska, United States)

  6. Interstate H-3 (Hawaii, United States)

  7. Sydney’s Monorail Line (Sydney, Australia)

  8. Vancouver’s Fleet of Catamaran Ferries (Vancouver, Canada)

  9. The Tokyo Bay Aqualine (Tokyo, Japan)

  10. The Big Dig (Boston, United States)

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