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Better Roads Staff | March 21, 2012



Emissions-certified backhoes load up on features

North America’s venerable backhoe brand, Case, has added another chapter to the storied history of what it has since 1957 called the “loader/backhoe.” Only 15 months after introducing the N Series models, Case announced a series of product improvements at World of Concrete 2012, most boldly the application of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) as the emissions-control technology to achieve Tier 4 Interim certification. This leverages technology in use in on-highway trucks by parent company Fiat, and reflects a double-barrel approach by Case to not pigeonhole all of its product types with one initial technology. “Make no mistake,” said Jim Hasler, vice president of CNH (Case New Holland), at a World of Concrete press conference attended by Better Roads. “We are the only ones going down the path of both SCR and EGR,” he said, but added, “we believe SCR will prevail.” The 580N, 580 Super N, 580 Super N Wide Track and 590 Super N loader/backhoes are now powered by 3.4-liter, turbocharged engines ranging from 78 to 108 horsepower. Certified Tier 4 Interim, the CEGR engines burn cleaner, and deliver increased output and up to 4-percent better fuel efficiency under load, says Case. Other product enhancements include automatic Ride Control on four-wheel-drive models, a standard panel of teeth on the bottom surface of the dipper, and remote hydraulic test ports for ground-level maintenance access. New optional features include a block heater and a remote jump start.



A big development for compact equipment

While boosting its 272 skid steer and 299 compact track loader models to D Series versions, Caterpillar took the opportunity to push the boundaries of compact construction equipment. In addition to the new 272D and 299D models with 5-percent more engine output and 14-percent more torque, the company rolled out at World of Concrete 2012 a high-performance XHP version of each loader. The 106-horsepower 272D XHP and 299D XHP are the largest, most powerful skid steer and compact track loader Caterpillar has ever built. The 9,304-pound 272D XHP skid steer has an operating capacity of 3,600 pounds, rated at 35 percent of tipping load. The 11,647-pound 299D XHP compact track loader has an operating capacity of 4,550 pounds, rated at 50 percent of tipping load. Each comes equipped with a high-flow hydraulic system that, at 40 gallons per minute, can produce 94 hydraulic horsepower to operate the most powerful work tools. Larger lift cylinders on all four new D Series compact loader models provide a 19-percent boost in lifting force over the C Series machines, says Caterpillar. Additionally, the company introduced the ILEV “Intelligent Leveling” system, which enables three industry-exclusive features: Electronic Dual Self Level, Work Tool Return to Dig, and Work Tool Positioner.



Move snow with flare!

Deep-curl flared wings provide the breakthrough capacity for the new VF Series trip-edge V-plows to cast deep snow farther and higher than other pickup truck plow designs, says manufacturer Hiniker. The tops of the moldboards, depending on the plow’s length, flare from a height of 30 inches at the center to 38 inches at the outside tips. For the operator, double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide control of moldboard positioning, whether the pickup is plowing forward or back-dragging snow. Also available in conventional level-top configurations, VF Series plows are available in lengths of 8 feet 6 inches and 9 feet 6 inches. A pinch-free pivot point is located 9 inches above the ground level, providing protection from curbs, parking barriers and other obstacles. By incorporating laser-cut ribs into the plow’s high-tensile steel superstructure, Hiniker leverages the 2-inch steel torque tube for strength in heavy-duty plowing applications. The moldboards, topped by quad halogen headlights boasting twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps, have a low-friction, high-density polyethylene surface that is corrosion-free, dent-resistant and never requires refinishing. And, most importantly, it keeps flow of snow from becoming slow.

John Deere

Improved stability, 6-percent boost

John Deere’s 7-yard class 844K Series II wheel loader introduced at the World of Concrete 2012 features new axles, improved stability and a 6-percent boost to full-turn tip-load capacity. Other improvements include ROPS certification and low-profile tires. The higher-capacity axles have standard temperature monitoring, and automatic cooling and filtration. Hy-Gard oil allows change intervals to extend to 2,000 hours. The 844K II comes with four traction-boosting axle-differential configurations, including two with on-the-fly differential lock engagement. Front and rear axle hydraulically actuated differential lock with on-the-fly engagement provides maximum traction control for tough conditions, such as working on virgin aggregate banks. Auto differential lock applies when the wheels spin and the operator doesn’t apply the differential lock. Conventional differential lock is a good match for standard load-out applications.


10-percent increase in fuel economy

Case Construction Equipment introduced its 621F wheel loader model at the World of Concrete 2012 show. The new machine provides up to a 10-percent increase in fuel economy over the previous model, while delivering faster acceleration, quicker cycle times and higher travel speeds. A new dual-mode shutdown feature maximizes fuel economy and monitors vital engine components. Using the fuel-saver mode, the operator can limit the time the machine will idle. The desired shutdown time can be set in five-minute increments. The loader has standard limited-slip front and rear axles that provide outstanding traction in all conditions, especially in non-compacted surfaces such as gravel. Optional heavy-duty axles with locking front and conventional rear differentials help reduce tire wear when working on hard surfaces. The standard four-speed transmission with manual kick-down capability provides maximum traction and increased bucket penetration.


Secure coupling with JRB grabber

The JRB Power Latch multi-pin-grabber coupler by Paladin Construction Group employs an Automatic Blocking System that ensures the coupler still is engaged in the event of hydraulic failure. Working with a wide range of excavator and backhoe attachments, the coupler has backup mechanical locks on both the front and rear attachment pins that are independent of the machine’s hydraulic locking and operating system. If the rear bucket pin is not correctly engaged, or missed during the attachment process, the ABS automatically secures the front attachment pin. Attachments can only be removed by the operator when they are in a safe, curled position. Flashing LED warning lights and an audible “stand clear” message alert bystanders when the operator is switching attachments.


Digging smart with attachments

Case Construction Equipment’s Smart Digging Systems components, introduced at World of Concrete 2012, include new pin-on buckets, coupler buckets, the Case Multi-Fit Coupler and the SmartFit bucket teeth system. The pin-on buckets are designed for heavy-duty, high-capacity applications such as digging in dense soil, clay, loose rock and gravel. The Case Multi-Fit Coupler offers complete hydraulic latching, and a patented mechanical blocking system eliminates manual safety pin insertion. The universal design of the coupler enables Case excavators to connect a wide range of Case and other OEM buckets and attachments within the same size class, the manufacturer says. A hydraulic check valve and mechanical blocking bar help prevent the accidental release of an attachment. The coupler buckets work in either the backhoe or face positions for optimum versatility.


Gas or diesel engine options

The Vermeer S450TX mini skid steer is customizable with engine and track options – a narrow 7-inch-wide track for tight work spaces and a standard 9-inch track are available. A 500-pound SAE-rated operating capacity with a 1,430-pound tipping capacity gives the machine a lot of muscle for its size. A four-pump hydraulic system provides performance and efficiency when powering attachments. A single pilot-operated joystick is also now integrated into the S450TX platform, which the manufacturer says makes the machine easy to maneuver and operate in comparison to manual control systems. A Kubota 24.8-horsepower diesel engine powers the mini skid steer. A Kohler EFI 27-horsepower gas engine will be available later this year. A narrow 7-inch track provides a smaller machine footprint for tight work areas, such as landscaping applications and residential construction. The standard 9-inch track offers reduced ground pressure for increased flotation and stability.


Uses high pressure, common-rail fuel system

The three new models in Caterpillar’s F Series backhoe loader range – 416F, 420F and 430F – are center-pivot machines featuring significant design enhancements. These include a new Cat C4.4 engine that meets Tier 4 Interim emissions standards, greater lift capacity, more bucket breakout force and increased backhoe control. The new F Series models use a composite fuel tank that resists rust and reduces condensation, and a new hydraulic tank incorporates a suction strainer and a larger, replaceable, cartridge-type filter. The new hinged cooling pack improves service access, as do new engine side panels that require no tools for removal. The series also retains premium features from the E Series counterparts including a load-sensing, closed-center hydraulic system; the Cat four-speed Power Shuttle transmission for on-the-go directional and range shifting; excavator-style boom for added clearance when digging over obstacles or loading trucks; and an ergonomic, automotive-style operator’s station. Net horsepower is 87 for the 416F, 93 for the 420F, and increases to 109 for the 430.


Follow any terrain

The Bobcat sonic tracer/slope sensor kit for M-Series compact loaders provides a form of automatic grade control in applications where lasers may not be suitable. The sonic/slope combination can follow nearly any terrain, unlike laser grading which requires the jobsite to be on a plane. The sensor kit uses four sensors mounted on the grader attachment. Two sensors help correct grading when going up and down hills, and when the blade is angled versus straight. The two other sensors provide the sonic trader and slope sensor options. The kit is designed for grading with a string line, matching an existing surface or previous pass, and following existing curb and gutter.


Series meets new emissions regs

The five new compact-radius Cat E Series Mini Hydraulic Excavators – 303.5E CR, 304E CR, 305E CR, 305.5E CR and 308E CR SB – all use new engines that meet Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations and incorporate new features such as the Complete Operation, Maintenance, Performance and Security System (COMPASS) control panel, standard high-ambient cooling package, more efficient auxiliary hydraulics and redesigned control layout. An automatic engine-idle system drops engine rpm to idle after four seconds of inactivity. A continuous-flow feature for auxiliary hydraulics which maintains selected flow without operator intervention, is also available through COMPASS. Additional refinements include a standard high-ambient cooling package, electronic fuel-pump-priming system, a four-post canopy (3.5- to 5.5-ton machines), new ergonomic joysticks, and relocation of a number of controls such as the two-speed travel switch to the blade lever, secondary auxiliary hydraulic engagement to the left joystick and manual pattern changer from the floor to the COMPASS monitor.

Terex Roadbuilding

Wedge and pin locking system

Featuring 26-inch frame tubing, the Series 6 paving kit on the Terex Roadbuilding’s SF3500C Series concrete slipform paver boasts a proprietary wedge and pin locking system and unique vibration manifold mounting, enabling contractors to change paving widths in a matter of hours. Single-point main-frame telescoping from one side of the tractor offers half the potential flex points of other pavers and prevents machine deflection. Hydraulically-controlled main frame extenders allow the telescoping extension to be quickly extended and retracted to reduce width change time and optimize paving efficiency. Offering up to an 8-foot extension, the two-track SF3502C slipform paver offers standard paving widths ranging from 12 to 26 feet and a maximum 34-foot width. The paving kit features the industry’s longest finishing zone of 60 inches, to improve surface smoothness.


Swing torque improvements

Doosan’s Tier 4 Interim-compliant DX350LC excavator improvements include more engine horsepower and torque to the turbocharger, an upgraded cooling system and a new hydraulic system. The 28-horsepower water-cooled engine uses a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter. Cooling system upgrades include two variable-speed hydraulic fans that allow the engine and oil cooling systems to be controlled independently, giving the system quieter operation and 10- to 15- percent greater cooling capacity. Swing torque increased by 8 to 11 percent, allowing the excavator to swing uphill more easily, and improve trench backfilling production.


Three control options

The new Mustang 2056 Series II skid-steer loader features a Yanmar Tier 4 Interim, 68-horsepower, 180-foot-pound diesel engine and a lift capacity of 2,050 pounds over 121 inches when equipped with 12.00 tires and an optional counterweight. Overall machine width measures only 59.7 inches with the optional offset tire package. Three control options are available – joystick, hand-foot and dual-hand – with standard or high-flow auxiliary hydraulics.


Control all axes

Trimble’s Spectra Precision UL633 Universal Laser allows total automatic control of all three axes (X/Y/Z). Control of the Z axis is accomplished through “fan beam” technology, while control of the X and Y axes uses a dual radio connection. The laser provides automatic axes alignments without positioning the two receivers 90 degrees perpendicular. This allows dual axis alignments for applications such as grade work on sports fields, parking lots, tennis courts and driveways. Since the unit can work with two receivers simultaneously, contractors can measure an unknown grade value automatically between two elevation points.


Cloud-based solution

The Topcon Group’s Magnet cloud-based solution and cloud-enabled family of software applications makes it possible for real-time collaboration between project manager, field crews, office personnel, engineers, or consultants. The Magnet family includes four basic products: Field, Tools, Office and Enterprise. The Field, Tools and Office products can be purchased outright, or can simply be activated as a subscription by picking from one of the Magnet Solution packages.


Scheduling, planning software

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) and DynaRoad Oy together released DynaRoad v5.2 construction scheduling and planning software. The software’s industry-specific tools, such as earthmoving, allows the importing of quantity data directly from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


Updated skid steers

Gehl’s newly updated 4640E and 5240E Power2 skid-steer loaders are each equipped with a new 68-horsepower Yanmar Tier 4 Interim diesel engine that produces up to 180 foot-pounds of torque. The skid-steer loaders measure only 59.7 inches with the optional offset tire package. Despite the narrow width, the skid steers can lift 2,050 pounds over 121 inches when equipped with 12.00 tires and optional counterweight.


Delivers power, versatility

Kobelco added the SK210 full-size, high-performance excavator to its Tier 4 Interim Mark 9 Series. The SK210 is said to deliver a 10-percent improvement in both fuel efficiency. A Heavy Lift feature delivers 10-percent more lifting and swing capability on command, without time limit. The excavator features an upgrade to its intelligent hydraulics, a new economy power mode, a new ROPS/FOPS-certified cab, and a low engine cover and standard rear-view camera for improved visibility. A fully-automatic engine and hydraulic warm-up system heats the hydraulic circuit to 126 degrees F to improve system efficiency and reduce component wear. Integrated swing priority provides smooth transition of additional pump power to the swing function. Automatic hydraulic regeneration feeds the cylinder demanding oil first, with oil that is being pushed out of another cylinder.


Increases engine, decreases fuel consumption

Komatsu America’s PC390LC-10 hydraulic excavator has a flywheel horsepower of 257, and is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 engine that is EPA Tier 4 Interim emissions certified. Every Komatsu Tier 4 Interim construction machine comes standard with Komatsu CARE complimentary factory scheduled maintenance for 2,000 hours or the first three years, whichever is first. Komatsu Care also includes two complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) exchanges within the first five years. With an operating weight of 89,072 pounds, the PC390LC-10 features improved hydraulic efficiency, improved operator comfort, simplified maintenance to extend component life, and a large undercarriage design that significantly increases lift capacity. The excavator is also equipped with Komtrax technology.


Optimized Z-Bar

Caterpillar’s K Series small wheel loaders – 924K, 930K and 938K – incorporate an optimized Z-bar linkage with the parallel-lift and load-handling characteristics of Cat VersaLink or Integrated Tool carrier linkage. The linkage works with Cat Performance Series buckets, which have a patented shape featuring a long floor, designed to take a bigger bite out of the pile. Kick-out functions for boom lift, boom lower and tilt are standard and programmable. The C6.6 engine’s rated speed setting of 1,800 rpms – compared with 2,415 rpm for the H-Series – burns less fuel, lowers sound levels and reduces wear. A new creeper control features improves low-speed operations by allowing operators to adjust maximum ground speed down to 1 mph. Go to to view a video on additional features of the K Series.


Scan inside concrete structures

With Hilti’s PS 1000 X-Scan Radar Detection System, scan concrete structures quickly and accurately to get large-area 2D or 3D images of what’s inside. Using a hand-guided scanner with color display, move the scanner horizontally and vertically across a measured template grid and analyze the scans immediately on the X-Scan display. With the aid of the PSA 100 field-rugged monitor, craftsmen can show objects in 3D images for on-the-spot interpretation, making it easy to find and mark potential drilling locations, thus limiting damage caused by hitting rebars, pipes or post-tension cables. Hilti says the device helps contractors do their own field scans, decreasing the need to hire specialists.


Bridge paver boasts upgrades

A new fogging system, crown adjuster and engine package are among the 2012 updates to the Terex Bid-Well 4800 bridge paver. Located on each side of the paving rollers, at the burlap drag and drag pan, the independently adjustable, removable spray nozzles can be positioned to direct the fog where it is required to meet wind and mix conditions. The skewable power crown adjuster can either be mounted in-line on a straight paver configuration or positioned on the frame at the skew when contractors need to pave decks with a skew angle. The two 23-horsepower gas engines use Evaporative Emissions technology: one powers machine function and movement; the second dedicates power to the carriage for a more consistent paving operation.

Martin Engineering

More control for prep, coating and curing

Martin Engineering has installed a comprehensive new paint line for bulk material handling components at its global manufacturing headquarters. The company anticipates greater control over preparation, coating and curing, allowing the firm to deliver material-handling components faster, with greater surface durability and consistency.

Maxwell Systems

Comprehensive construction management software

Maxwell Systems’ ProContractorMX Version 2.8 Construction Business Management Software allows users to automatically transfer daily field report items, such as WIP percent complete for billing and reporting, entered on an iPad directly to a back office. Enhancements are included for efficiently managing workforce reporting and construction payroll, including government, state/province, Davis-Bacon Certified payroll reporting, union, workers’ compensation, and benefit tracking for merit shop. Users can virtually and securely file, access and manage all important employee documents. Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX is a comprehensive, all-in-one construction management software solution that includes key capabilities for takeoff; estimating; bids and proposals; management of projects, financials, procurement, inventory, employees, payroll, and equipment; and intelligent dashboards and critical reports for timely analysis of projects or the overall business.


Switch cellular connections between GSM, CDMA networks

PACCAR Parts aftermarket TruckerLink telematics and fleet management service lets dispatchers and maintenance staff view the location of their trucks, driver logs and fuel consumption reports, vehicle diagnostic data, inspection results and more.TruckerLink uses proprietary Remote-Carrier Switching technology that switches the service’s cellular connection between GSM and CDMA networks. It is the market’s only fleet management system that can switch between differing cellular networks. TruckerLink FLEET is a secure website where data transmitted from trucks is monitored. Accessible from any computer, the site reports the operational status of all networked trucks fleet-wide in real-time. The TruckerLink Advanced Mobile Gateway (AMG) communicates GPS location and diagnostics data in real time over cellular networks.

Metso Minerals

Mobile, stationary application versatility

Metso Mining and Construction Technology introduces the Metso C120 jaw crusher – the 13th member of the C-series range of crushers. Metso’s C120 combines uncompromising reliability, crushing efficiency and versatility in both stationary and mobile applications, such as onsite crushed needed for mobile aspalt plants, with safety and ease of use. The crusher novelty features a long and aggressively directed stroke, and a fixed jaw die longer than previously seen in this crusher size class. The C120 has a large feed opening of 34 by 47 inches and an aggressive cavity cross-section, securing a high-performance and reduction ratio. The Metso C120’s nominal power is 200 horsepower, operating speed is 230 rpm, and closed side setting is between 70 and 200 mm (2-3/4 inches to 8 inches). The operational weight is 57,200 pounds, excluding options.


More than a secure storage site

Knaack’s Field Station Model 119-01 is more than secure storage of blueprints and documentation, tools and equipment, charging devices and supplies. The Field Station functions as a jobsite office or command central used by foremen, superintendents, engineers and other skilled construction managers. Security features include the patented WATCHMAN 5 lock system, heavy-duty vault-style hinges and a locking storage hatch. Durability is enhanced with a thicker 14-gauge steel bottom that eliminates the possibility of forklift damage during transport, arc-welded seams, weather stripping and rain gutter, and dual gas springs for smooth opening. Powder-coat paint ensures years of corrosion-free service.

Bonnell Industries

Curb shoes for maximum wear

Bonnell Industries’ heavy-duty curb shoes are designed for maximum wear and the company’s idea of steel-toed boots. Customers have the option to add carbide infusion technology with chromium carbide weld or chromium carbide weld with embedded tungsten carbide to further extend the life. Other options include a heavy-duty wrap-around for the curb shoes, available for both left and right sides, and come in a 1-by-6-inch or 1-by-8-inch configuration. Reversible Wrap Around Curb Shoes fit both left and right sides, and come in a 3 /4-by-6-inch or 3 /4-by-8-inch configuration. Reversible Bull Nose Curb Shoes fit both left and right sides, and come in a 3 /4-by- 6-inch configuration. Custom sizes are available.

Cardinal Scale

Transreflective displays for easy viewing

Depending on the specific application, the Cardinal Scale RE unattended system will incorporate the Cardinal model 225 Navigator weight indicator or the model 825 Spectrum with a full-color graphics touch-screen display. Both of these systems incorporate transflective displays for easy viewing and intuitive self-prompting steps for the driver to utilize. All Cardinal unattended systems include an inclusive QWERTY keypad on the weight display to take the guesswork out of data entry. The driver is prompted through the entire weigh transaction for the information your customer requires. This information is all recorded in the scale house on Cardinal’s WinVRS truck management software.


Mobile Screens

Facts and figures for producers

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens has released its newest version of Facts & Figures, a quick-reference guide containing comprehensive general technical information for aggregate and recycle producers, operators, engineers and maintenance personnel of KPI-JCI or equivalent crushing, screening, washing and material-handling equipment. The 216-page, pocket-sized book is the fourth edition since Kolberg-Pioneer began producing it in 1988. The guide’s roots trace back more than 50 years ago, however, when Pioneer developed a Facts & Figures book in Minneapolis, Minn. Kolberg began producing an Aggregate Reference Guide during the 1970s, and when Pioneer moved to Yankton, S.D., to join forces with Kolberg, the book was combined into one, known as the Facts & Figures book.

Alliance Truck Parts

Waterproof back-up alarm sounds beep per second

Alliance Truck Parts’ new back-up alarm conforms to SAEJ994 standards and can be used on construction or agricultural machinery, and any truck that requires this type of alarm. The back-up alarm offers waterproof construction using rugged ABS plastic to withstand pressure-washing, harsh environments and even impacts without damage. The unit’s housing is designed to focus its 97-decible standard one-beep-per-second output to the rear where it is most needed. The unit’s interior mechanism features solid-state electronics encapsulated in epoxy for increased durability. The compact 4 inches wide by 1-5/8 inches deep by 2-3/4 inches in height size, universal mounting design and rugged stainless steel terminals that resist corrosion simplifies installation. The alarm has reverse polarity protection built in, and low current requirements making it an easy addition to electrical systems already loaded with accessories.


Delineator bounces back when hit

Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator that would improve visibility for Department of Transportation workers and the “ice road” truck drivers, as well as reduce maintenance for the agency. The “Dalton Delineator” is a cantilever structure consisting of a short length of a Davidson Flexi-Guide FG 400 Roadside Delineator post, mounted to a special flexible coupler. The coupler, in turn, is attached to a square steel tube support that is installed off of the traveled roadway. The delineator post or “arm” projects horizontally out from the shoulder, above the roadway; is capable of rebounding when struck; and provides excellent reflectivity at night.

Legacy Building Solutions

Fabric buildings with steel beams

Combining superior-quality, rigid-frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric, Legacy Building Solutions introduces its Legendary Building Series, the industry’s first line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. This engineering concept provides a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for salt and sand storage facilities. Legacy Building uses a durable, rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss framing traditionally used for fabric buildings. Legacy’s solid-structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion that originates inside a tube. Additionally, the hot-dip galvanized framework provides protection against challenging corrosive conditions. The buildings feature high-quality polyethylene fabric roofs that eliminate the corrosion concerns associated with metal-constructed facilities. A wide variety of PVC fabrics are also available.

Global Crane Sales/Zoomlion

Optimized boom design

Global Crane Sales, in partnership with Zoomlion, has introduced the 385-U.S.-ton-capacity QUY350 crawler crane. Eleven boom configurations and five hook blocks are standard on the ANSI-certified crane. Each configuration features an optimized boom design and is constructed of European high-strength steel to provide greater lifting at lighter boom weights. The main boom has a 285-foot lift height. To allow longer reach, the luffing jib boom may be added to the main boom (light-duty configuration) to achieve 340-foot lift height. For maximum lift and capacity, the QUY350, when combined with its superlift counterweights and luffing jib, can reach greater than 540 feet and lift more than 16,000 pounds at maximum boom length.

Jenny Products

Splash lubrication system protects components

Jenny Products’s four models of skid-mounted air compressors are offered with single- and two-stage pumps. All models are powered by Honda GX-series engines and come with 30-gallon, ASME-certified air tanks. The product line includes two single-stage compressors, which provide 16.4 to 21.3 cfm at 100 psi, or 16 to 20.9 cfm at 125 psi. The two other two-stage models provide 21 to 41 cfm at 100 psi, or 17.6 to 34.7 psi at 175 psi. All models are built with heavy-duty cast-iron compressor pumps. They also contain large flywheels and directional air shrouds for enhanced pump cooling. The manufacturer’s professional-duty “Ultimate Blue” synthetic pump oil protects the pistons, crankshafts, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system. Additional items have been built into the compressors to prevent damage from harsh jobsite conditions.

Delaware Department of Transportation

An app for developing safer driver

The State of Delaware’s free Driver License Practice Test app for the iPhone and iPad, produced through a collaborative effort between the state and Delaware Interactive, is available at and through iTunes. The new app, which was produced by the Division of Motor Vehicles, the Government Information Center, and Delaware Interactive (DI), is the first joint creation of Delaware State Government and DI..

Leica Geosystems

Transfers data between the office, field

Leica Geosystems’s Version 4.0 of its Leica SmartWorx Viva onboard software features Leica Exchange, which allows data to be transferred between field users and office users. Three-dimensional data overlay, points, lines and areas that have been surveyed are now overlaid onto the live video, produced by the wide-angle camera of the TS11 and TS15 imaging total stations. Other features include panoramic image capture; improved lock at short distances; extensions to pop-up menus and the drawing toolbar; and the ability to use the GS08 and GS12 GNSS Sensors as RTK base stations.


Offers 24/7 look into fleet assets

Networkfleet’s 5000 Series of fleet tracking hardware is compatible with light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The 5000 Series offers 24/7 visibility into fleet assets, enabling fleet managers to easily locate vehicles in real time and monitor specific vehicle data such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption and diagnostic trouble codes to improve operations and reduce costs. Patented remote diagnostics capabilities on the 5500 enable monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency and more. Plug-and-play design provides for easy, quick installation without splicing wires. Both the GPS and cellular antennas are contained internally in the device. An optional window-mount GPS antenna is also available. The serial port allows for integration with compatible Garmin devices using a Garmin FMI cable and also integrates with laptops and other devices by providing a constant NMEA data feed. The 5000 Series includes sensor ports for monitoring various voltage events occurring within the vehicle, such as Power Take Off (PTO) engagement/disengagement, secondary engine on/off, and door open/close.


Light bar provides added safety

Landoll’s gooseneck Stop, Tail and Turn Light Bar, for the Landoll 800 Series detachable trailer, works as a secondary set of safety and work lights mounted on the upper level of the gooseneck. The light bar is fully adjustable and gives added safety and visibility when operating in low-light conditions or at night. The light bar can be installed to existing trailers and, when the trailer is detached, will have rear-facing lights that illuminate the work area and supply warning lights to the rear. This new option is available at the factory or as a field-installed kit.

Major Wire

Fits any flat surface screen deck

Major Wire Industries now offers a full line of 1-by-2-foot Flex-Mat 3 self-cleaning modular screen media panels. According to the manufacturer, the new screen media size fits virtually any flat-surface screen deck, so asphalt plant screening operations using traditional 1-by-1-foot and 1-by-2-foot polyurethane and rubber panels can increase their existing screening capacity and in-spec material throughput up to 50 percent. Screening operations can choose between pin-, grooved-, snap- and step-types in opening sizes of 30 mesh, or 0.020 inches, up to 1-1/2 inches (30 mesh, or 0.5 mm, to 38 mm). Proven Flex-Mat 3 Modular 1-by-1-foot panels were introduced earlier, in 2007.

McCann Industries

Air compressors for rent

McCann Industries now offers the complete line of Sullair air compressors and related products at all locations in the Chicago area. The Sullair line includes air compressors from 185 to 1,600 cfm, plus oil-free air tools and air-end units. The equipment is available for sale or rent at all seven McCann Industries locations.

Grote Industries

Bright illumination for vehicle safety

Grote Industries’ new LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film provides all of the advantages of adhesive exit markers with the added benefit of being powered. The film provides the kind of bright illumination that can help lead disoriented passengers to safety, even in dark or hazy conditions.

Faro Technologies

The most portable laser scanner ever built

FARO Technologies’ Focus3D laser scanner is four times lighter and five times smaller than its competitors, making it the most portable laser scanner ever built, according to the manufacturer. With dimensions of 9.5 by 8 by 4 inches and weighing 11 pounds, the Focus3D is compact and portable. Thanks to its millimeter-accuracy and up to 976,000 measurement points/second, the Focus3D is said to offer the most efficient and precise method for measurement and 3D documentation.


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