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Better Roads Staff | February 18, 2012

Komatsu America

Artic offers more than an engine update

It’s one thing to fulfill a mandate to meet emissions requirements. True to form, however, Komatsu has used the opportunity to enhance the performance and productivity of its HM400-3 articulated dump truck. Powered by a Tier 4 Interim-certified SAA6D140E-6 engine generating 469 horsepower, the new 40-metric-ton-capacity artic has an updated body design that increases payload. In load-and-haul applications, the truck’s low loading height of 10 feet 5 inches matches easily with 40- to 60-metric-ton hydraulic excavators or 5.5- to 6.5-cubic-yard wheel loaders. Two single-staged body lift cylinders provide the truck with a 70-degree dump angle. The new Komatsu Traction Control System (K-TCS) automatically provides optimum traction when operating in soft ground conditions. As ground conditions worsen, speed sensors located on four wheels detect tire slippage, and automatic application of the inter-axle differential lock occurs. If tire slippage continues to be detected, four independent brakes can be applied to slipping wheels to regain traction. The HM400-3’s six-speed, fully-automatic transmission uses an advanced electronic system to eliminate shift shock and torque cutoff.


Keeping those big trucks rolling

When it comes to heavy hauling, rubber is gold. Keeping good tires under big iron is essential to quarries operating at optimum 24/7 productivity. To that end, the Michelin X-QUARRY S tire features a square, reinforced shoulder providing a large contact area, resulting in even tire wear. A thick sidewall band protects the rigid-dump-truck tire from abrasions and damage caused by rocks or other site debris. The tire’s non-directional tread is unbroken in the center – with deep, angled grooves – to reduce vibration and enhance the ride comfort for the operator. Easy to repair, the X Quarry S tire has low rolling resistance, increasing the fuel efficiency of the truck, says Michelin.


Free help for your material calculating needs

Just not quite sure how much asphalt, stone or brick you’ll need for this job? Well, just reach for your phone. A new free mobile app from Graniterock enables Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users to access a broad range of construction materials calculators. The Graniterock Construction Calculator app helps engineers quickly estimate the amounts of material required, by accessing processors categorized under: Unit Conversion, Concrete Materials, Aggregate, Road Materials, Masonry Estimator and Mulch. Plans were for this tool, downloaded from Apple’s AppStore, to also be available for iPad and Android.


Electric-powered push sprayer

The SnowEx SL-80 and SL-80SS push sprayers for ice management on sidewalks and other small areas are completely electric-powered. Available with a powder-coated steel frame (SL-80) or stainless steel frame (SL-80SS), both sprayers have a 12-gallon, corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank. Each model includes an adjustable-height boomless nozzle, which sprays most salt brine and liquid ice melters up to 48 inches wide. The units also come with an adjustable spray wand for spot-spraying applications. A 12-volt electric pump and rechargeable battery powers the SL-80 and SL-80SS. The pump is rated at 2 gpm at 60 psi.

Atlas Copco

Portable generator with digital control system

The Atlas Copco QAS 45 portable generator features a Kubota Tier 4 Interim diesel engine and a Leroy Somer, LSA Model, series alternator, enabling it to deliver 35 kW of prime power. The QAS 45 generator includes a standard multi-voltage selector switch and QC1002 digital control system. The instrument panel enables all key operating functions to be managed without opening the canopy. A 70-gallon fuel tank is expected to allow a 24-hour run time. Designed for extreme weather conditions, the generator features a Zincor steel enclosure and its frame is designed to be spillage-free to protect the environment. Options available include a battery charger and battery switch, a coolant heater and a wireless remote start. Extended warranties are also available.

Cole Hersee

Automatically shuts down non-essential loads

Cole Hersee’s FlexMod LVD configurable electronic module ensures that vehicles start by controlling non-essential loads that can kill a battery. The module is ideal for those with fleets of emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles, boats, buses or utility trucks. The FlexMod LVD automatically shuts down non-essential loads when the battery runs low, and automatically restores the non-essential loads when the battery power returns to normal levels. Typical applications include idle reduction for work vehicles, NFPA 1901 Load Manager compliance for fire vehicles, combined timer/voltage shutoff for police vehicles and smart charging system for boats. The FlexMod family has two inputs (one analog, one digital) and two solid-state outputs (one 10A, one 200mA) that can be programmed to do almost any job, according to the manufacturer.


Ten feet, Tier 4i pavers

Both of the Roadtec’s 10-foot-class (3 meter) standard asphalt paver models, the RP-190e rubber-tired paver and the RP-195e track paver, have received a major redesign, including Tier 4i emission technology and other upgrades. The Cat-powered highway-class pavers benefit from a new adjustable delta plate design, redesigned hydraulic tunnel panels for improved accessibility, and increased fuel capacity from 120 gallons to 135 gallons. Heavy-duty offset type conveyor chains have been beefed up. Tough floor plates are made from wear-resistant chromium carbide and dropped in without bolts. A new dual hinge apron plate design allows easy access and clean-out. Access to hydraulic filters and test ports has been improved. Release agent spray-down systems are now standard and include a dual system – one for diesel, the other for release agent.

Construction Centrics/Impact Technologies

App speeds essential project information

The Construction Superintendent-Journeyman iPad app from Construction Centrics/Impact Technologies collects and speeds essential project information from construction project sites to the office. The new app cuts delays and speeds decision-making by making daily details accessible to construction company owners and project managers seeking control over project schedules, costs, safety and profitability. The app is available online at It is compatible with iPads operating with IOS 4.3 or later, including IOS 5. Key reports include the daily log, safety inspection, work authorization, request for information and timesheet.


Engine-overhaul kits for medium-duty engines

Caterpillar Precious Metals On-Highway engine-overhaul kits are now available for medium-duty engines, including the Cat 3126B, 3126E and C7 with serial-number prefixes KAL, WAX and SAP. Also available is the new HEUI (Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector) fuel-system overhaul kit. The Bronze in-frame overhaul kit is a low-cost, basic repair option that includes main, rod and thrust bearings, a complete package of seals, gaskets, retainers, plugs and hardware, as well as value-added components including Cat oil and fuel filters, exhaust-manifold sleeves and thermostats. Another basic in-fame-overhaul kit, the Silver level adds six pistons, rings, pins and retainers to the Bronze kit. The Gold in-frame-overhaul kit provides an added measure of convenience and labor savings by including with the Bronze kit six Cat remanufactured (Reman) piston packs – each pack with the piston, connecting rod, rings, pin and retainers pre-assembled. The Platinum Plus kit allows an extensive out-of-frame overhaul – with no need to machine the original block.


Lighter than steel and rustproof

Equipt Mfg.’s Optimax sealcoating machines are offered in 550- and 825-gallon tank size capacities in both the Pro-Series and Base models. All Equipt machines feature PolyPro tanks that, according to the manufacturer, are proven to provide longer-life and higher performance than steel tanks. The sealer also will not adhere to the tank’s bottom and walls for higher usage, with no build-up for less cleaning. Standard features have been designed for heavy-duty service in commercial applications including: helix blade agitation for no-stall operation even with heavy sand loads; gasketed tank lid with sand grate; patented high-capacity water tank that also cradles the sealant tank to save space; custom-built power units with heavy-duty air compressors and Honda engines; and high-pressure hydraulic pumps to power the agitator.

E-Z Liner

Front-mounted video camera system

E-Z Liner’s front-mounted video camera system can be affixed to the front end of Class 3, 4 and 5 vehicles. Originally developed for the paint striping market, the video camera system has uses well beyond these boundaries. It includes a full-color video monitor that is mounted in the cab.

Detroit Diesel

Helping drivers enhance engine performance

Detroit Diesel launched the first of its new, four-part driver training video series. Available at and, the videos were developed to help drivers enhance their engine’s performance. The four videos include general product background on Detroit Diesel’s DD13, DD15 and DD16 family of engines; guidelines on driving for optimal fuel economy and power; specifics on BlueTec SCR Emissions Technology; detailed information about diesel exhaust fluid (DEF); and updates on DDEC, Detroit Diesel’s proprietary electronic engine monitoring system.


Corrosion-resistant polyethylene hoppers

SnowEx introduces two new ground-drive spreaders for use on sidewalks, parking lots and other off-road applications. Equipped with lawn-and-garden-style hitches, they are designed to tow behind compact tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles. The SP-725G and SP-1225G offer 7- and 12-cubic-foot capacities, respectively. They feature corrosion-resistant polyethylene hoppers and 12-inch, adjustable stainless-steel spinners. The agitation system makes the spreaders capable of handling bagged rock salt and ice melters. They spread up to 30 feet wide at 5 miles per hour and are available with a deflector skirt kit for narrowing the spread width on sidewalks.


Generators meet EPA Tier 4i emissions

The four new models in Doosan Portable Power’s mobile generator portfolio meet federal Tier 4 Interim emission standards. The new models include the G150, with a prime power rating at 152 kVA/122 kW; the G190, with a prime power rating at 194 kVA/155 kW; the G240, with a prime power rating at 238 kVA/190 kW; and the G325, with a prime power rating at 326 kVA/261 kW. Controls on the generators are simplified for easy operation, and connection panels are more accessible.

High Sierra Electronics/Innovative Dynamics

Technology identifies road conditions

The High Sierra Electronics/Innovative Dynamics optical sensor products, originally developed by IDI for the aerospace industry, are now manufactured in California by HSE for use in the transportation sectors. The IceSight is a remote sensor that uses laser and infrared electro-optical technology to determine the conditions of the road surface. The sensor’s standard data output includes air temperature, surface temperature, eight distinct surface indications, a surface friction coefficient, and a soiled optics indication. These compact and rugged sensors can be deployed on existing traffic poles or structures using standard Astro-Brac or similar hardware. Applications for non-intrusive surface sensors include Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) for intersections, highways and bridges, activation of message signs and anti-icing spray systems. These open-protocol sensors are network ready and can be deployed alone or as part of a NTCIP-compliant road weather system.


Tripod-mounted light tower

Larson Electronics’ has released the WAL-TP-2X6670 tripod-mounted light tower with HID fixtures. The latest in Magnalight’s line of industrial-grade HID lighting solutions, the WAL-TP-2X6670 provides high-power illumination in a versatile tripod-mounted package that allows operation with a wide variety of power sources including 12/24VDC and 120/277 volt AC. Producing a total of 12,600 lumens of light, this tripod-mounted light tower provides a lighting solution for users who require an easily deployed source of illumination that can operate with a wide range of power options.


Longest scanning range

Topcon Positioning Systems’ (TPS) imaging station – the IS-3 – takes the industry’s longest scanning range and increases it by almost 20 percent to 6,500 feet, according to the company. In addition to its increase in non-prism scanning range, the IS-3 increases distance measurement speed, automatic scanning speed and accuracy substantially. The station’s patented prism tracking scanning interface technology – X-TRAC 8 – has a new onboard feature that provides quicker scanning definition, faster image collection and an onboard preview of scanned data. ImageMaster software, which comes standard with the IS-3, now includes free volume calculations. The feature provides users full live video control through their laptop to measure points, track prisms and define scan areas. Additionally, the IS-3 has a new high-space “Grid Scan” feature that obtains 3D data by automatically scanning at a specific pitch within a specified area.


‘If it rolls, we can move it’

NuStar’s Power Pusher can be used in lieu of a forklift to save on fuel costs. The company embraces the mantra, “If it rolls, we can move it” for the company’s Power Pusher pedestrian-operated, battery-powered pusher. According to NuStar, it is significantly less expensive than a forklift, and operators do not need a license. The pusher also comes with a built-in battery charger that plugs into a standard outlet. With a footprint less than 2 square yards, the Power Pusher can be stored at a jobsite and is easy to transport from site to site. One person can use the device to push, pull and maneuver wheeled loads up to 150,000 pounds, or those with high-rolling resistance.

Knaack/Weather Guard

A drawer to ‘pack it all in’

Knaack and Weather Guard Products’ Pack Rat Drawer Units for trucks and vans are made from durable 14-gauge steel. The units offer easy access to hundreds of pounds of tools and supplies while leaving floor space open for hauling materials or moving in and out of the vehicle. Multiple drawers and dividers provide numerous setups to meet the needs of specific professions, from carpenter to electrician, to HVAC installer. Anti-skid strips on top of the drawer assembly offer traction for wet and muddy boots. Smooth rolling drawers allow easy operation and can carry up to 425 pounds of equipment. Full weather stripping protects against the elements. In addition, drawers are completely removable for easy cleaning and feature a one-touch, push-button latch assembly for one-handed operation. Pack Rat Drawer Units come in one-, two-, three- and four-drawer units with both wide and narrow drawer compartments. Size options include 9- or 12-1/2-inch heights, and 24- or 48-inch lengths. Widths range from 10-1/4 inches to 39-3/4 inches.

LAB Hot Air Lances

High-velocity hot air to cure cracks

LAB Hot Air Lances clean, dry and prepare pavement cracks and joints with high-velocity hot air. This ensures a dry work area for crack-filling crews to start on time, regardless of a recent rain. Because of the high-temperature, flameless hot air, crack-sealing work can be continued all year long by assuring clean dry cracks prior to a hot-pour application. The high-velocity hot air completely prepares the area without disturbing the surrounding surface. High-temperature, hot-air drying significantly enhances the durable bonding of any sealant. All LAB models are constructed of stainless steel and are available with 40- or 50-foot hose kit assemblies.


Real-time adaptive traffic control

Traffic technology company Rhythm Engineering is in the process of outfitting its 500th intersection with the InSync real-time adaptive traffic control system. The InSync system gives traffic signals artificial intelligence to adapt to traffic demand moment by moment, helping to prevent traffic jams and accidents, cutting drivers’ travel time up to 50 percent, and reducing vehicles’ fuel use and emissions by 20-30 percent.

Martin Engineering

More control for prep, coating and curing

Martin Engineering has installed a comprehensive new paint line for bulk material handling components at its global manufacturing headquarters. The company anticipates greater control over preparation, coating and curing, allowing the firm to deliver material-handling components faster, with greater surface durability and consistency.


Switch cellular connections between GSM, CDMA networks

PACCAR Parts aftermarket TruckerLink telematics and fleet management service lets dispatchers and maintenance staff view the location of their trucks, driver logs and fuel consumption reports, vehicle diagnostic data, inspection results and more.TruckerLink uses proprietary Remote-Carrier Switching technology that switches the service’s cellular connection between GSM and CDMA networks. It is the market’s only fleet management system that can switch between differing cellular networks. TruckerLink FLEET is a secure website where data transmitted from trucks is monitored. Accessible from any computer, the site reports the operational status of all networked trucks fleet-wide in real-time. The TruckerLink Advanced Mobile Gateway (AMG) communicates GPS location and diagnostics data in real time over cellular networks.

Maxwell Systems

Comprehensive construction management software

Maxwell Systems’ ProContractorMX Version 2.8 Construction Business Management Software allows users to automatically transfer daily field report items, such as WIP percent complete for billing and reporting, entered on an iPad directly to a back office. Enhancements are included for efficiently managing workforce reporting and construction payroll, including government, state/province, Davis-Bacon Certified payroll reporting, union, workers’ compensation, and benefit tracking for merit shop. Users can virtually and securely file, access and manage all important employee documents. Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX is a comprehensive, all-in-one construction management software solution that includes key capabilities for takeoff; estimating; bids and proposals; management of projects, financials, procurement, inventory, employees, payroll, and equipment; and intelligent dashboards and critical reports for timely analysis of projects or the overall business.

Metso Minerals

Mobile, stationary application versatility

Metso Mining and Construction Technology introduces the Metso C120 jaw crusher – the 13th member of the C-series range of crushers. Metso’s C120 combines uncompromising reliability, crushing efficiency and versatility in both stationary and mobile applications, such as onsite crushed needed for mobile aspalt plants, with safety and ease of use. The crusher novelty features a long and aggressively directed stroke, and a fixed jaw die longer than previously seen in this crusher size class. The C120 has a large feed opening of 34 by 47 inches and an aggressive cavity cross-section, securing a high-performance and reduction ratio. The Metso C120’s nominal power is 200 horsepower, operating speed is 230 rpm, and closed side setting is between 70 and 200 mm (2-3/4 inches to 8 inches). The operational weight is 57,200 pounds, excluding options.


More than a secure storage site

Knaack’s Field Station Model 119-01 is more than secure storage of blueprints and documentation, tools and equipment, charging devices and supplies. The Field Station functions as a jobsite office or command central used by foremen, superintendents, engineers and other skilled construction managers. Security features include the patented WATCHMAN 5 lock system, heavy-duty vault-style hinges and a locking storage hatch. Durability is enhanced with a thicker 14-gauge steel bottom that eliminates the possibility of forklift damage during transport, arc-welded seams, weather stripping and rain gutter, and dual gas springs for smooth opening. Powder-coat paint ensures years of corrosion-free service.

Bonnell Industries

Curb shoes for maximum wear

Bonnell Industries’ heavy-duty curb shoes are designed for maximum wear and the company’s idea of steel-toed boots. Customers have the option to add carbide infusion technology with chromium carbide weld or chromium carbide weld with embedded tungsten carbide to further extend the life. Other options include a heavy-duty wrap-around for the curb shoes, available for both left and right sides, and come in a 1-by-6-inch or 1-by-8-inch configuration. Reversible Wrap Around Curb Shoes fit both left and right sides, and come in a 3 /4-by-6-inch or 3 /4-by-8-inch configuration. Reversible Bull Nose Curb Shoes fit both left and right sides, and come in a 3 /4-by- 6-inch configuration. Custom sizes are available.

Cardinal Scale

Transreflective displays for easy viewing

Depending on the specific application, the Cardinal Scale RE unattended system will incorporate the Cardinal model 225 Navigator weight indicator or the model 825 Spectrum with a full-color graphics touch-screen display. Both of these systems incorporate transflective displays for easy viewing and intuitive self-prompting steps for the driver to utilize. All Cardinal unattended systems include an inclusive QWERTY keypad on the weight display to take the guesswork out of data entry. The driver is prompted through the entire weigh transaction for the information your customer requires. This information is all recorded in the scale house on Cardinal’s WinVRS truck management software.


Mobile Screens

Facts and figures for producers

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens has released its newest version of Facts & Figures, a quick-reference guide containing comprehensive general technical information for aggregate and recycle producers, operators, engineers and maintenance personnel of KPI-JCI or equivalent crushing, screening, washing and material-handling equipment. The 216-page, pocket-sized book is the fourth edition since Kolberg-Pioneer began producing it in 1988. The guide’s roots trace back more than 50 years ago, however, when Pioneer developed a Facts & Figures book in Minneapolis, Minn. Kolberg began producing an Aggregate Reference Guide during the 1970s, and when Pioneer moved to Yankton, S.D., to join forces with Kolberg, the book was combined into one, known as the Facts & Figures book.

Alliance Truck Parts

Waterproof back-up alarm sounds beep per second

Alliance Truck Parts’ new back-up alarm conforms to SAEJ994 standards and can be used on construction or agricultural machinery, and any truck that requires this type of alarm. The back-up alarm offers waterproof construction using rugged ABS plastic to withstand pressure-washing, harsh environments and even impacts without damage. The unit’s housing is designed to focus its 97-decible standard one-beep-per-second output to the rear where it is most needed. The unit’s interior mechanism features solid-state electronics encapsulated in epoxy for increased durability. The compact 4 inches wide by 1-5/8 inches deep by 2-3/4 inches in height size, universal mounting design and rugged stainless steel terminals that resist corrosion simplifies installation. The alarm has reverse polarity protection built in, and low current requirements making it an easy addition to electrical systems already loaded with accessories.


Delineator bounces back when hit

Pexco partnered with the Alaska DOT to develop a new design of delineator that would improve visibility for Department of Transportation workers and the “ice road” truck drivers, as well as reduce maintenance for the agency. The “Dalton Delineator” is a cantilever structure consisting of a short length of a Davidson Flexi-Guide FG 400 Roadside Delineator post, mounted to a special flexible coupler. The coupler, in turn, is attached to a square steel tube support that is installed off of the traveled roadway. The delineator post or “arm” projects horizontally out from the shoulder, above the roadway; is capable of rebounding when struck; and provides excellent reflectivity at night.

Legacy Building Solutions

Fabric buildings with steel beams

Combining superior-quality, rigid-frame engineering with the proven benefits of tension fabric, Legacy Building Solutions introduces its Legendary Building Series, the industry’s first line of fabric buildings to incorporate structural steel beams instead of open web trusses. This engineering concept provides a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for salt and sand storage facilities. Legacy Building uses a durable, rigid frame in place of the hollow-tube, open web truss framing traditionally used for fabric buildings. Legacy’s solid-structural steel beams are not vulnerable to unseen corrosion that originates inside a tube. Additionally, the hot-dip galvanized framework provides protection against challenging corrosive conditions. The buildings feature high-quality polyethylene fabric roofs that eliminate the corrosion concerns associated with metal-constructed facilities. A wide variety of PVC fabrics are also available.

Global Crane Sales/Zoomlion

Optimized boom design

Global Crane Sales, in partnership with Zoomlion, has introduced the 385-U.S.-ton-capacity QUY350 crawler crane. Eleven boom configurations and five hook blocks are standard on the ANSI-certified crane. Each configuration features an optimized boom design and is constructed of European high-strength steel to provide greater lifting at lighter boom weights. The main boom has a 285-foot lift height. To allow longer reach, the luffing jib boom may be added to the main boom (light-duty configuration) to achieve 340-foot lift height. For maximum lift and capacity, the QUY350, when combined with its superlift counterweights and luffing jib, can reach greater than 540 feet and lift more than 16,000 pounds at maximum boom length.

Jenny Products

Splash lubrication system protects components

Jenny Products’s four models of skid-mounted air compressors are offered with single- and two-stage pumps. All models are powered by Honda GX-series engines and come with 30-gallon, ASME-certified air tanks. The product line includes two single-stage compressors, which provide 16.4 to 21.3 cfm at 100 psi, or 16 to 20.9 cfm at 125 psi. The two other two-stage models provide 21 to 41 cfm at 100 psi, or 17.6 to 34.7 psi at 175 psi. All models are built with heavy-duty cast-iron compressor pumps. They also contain large flywheels and directional air shrouds for enhanced pump cooling. The manufacturer’s professional-duty “Ultimate Blue” synthetic pump oil protects the pistons, crankshafts, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system. Additional items have been built into the compressors to prevent damage from harsh jobsite conditions.

Delaware Department of Transportation

An app for developing safer driver

The State of Delaware’s free Driver License Practice Test app for the iPhone and iPad, produced through a collaborative effort between the state and Delaware Interactive, is available at and through iTunes. The new app, which was produced by the Division of Motor Vehicles, the Government Information Center, and Delaware Interactive (DI), is the first joint creation of Delaware State Government and DI..

Leica Geosystems

Transfers data between the office, field

Leica Geosystems’s Version 4.0 of its Leica SmartWorx Viva onboard software features Leica Exchange, which allows data to be transferred between field users and office users. Three-dimensional data overlay, points, lines and areas that have been surveyed are now overlaid onto the live video, produced by the wide-angle camera of the TS11 and TS15 imaging total stations. Other features include panoramic image capture; improved lock at short distances; extensions to pop-up menus and the drawing toolbar; and the ability to use the GS08 and GS12 GNSS Sensors as RTK base stations.


Offers 24/7 look into fleet assets

Networkfleet’s 5000 Series of fleet tracking hardware is compatible with light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The 5000 Series offers 24/7 visibility into fleet assets, enabling fleet managers to easily locate vehicles in real time and monitor specific vehicle data such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption and diagnostic trouble codes to improve operations and reduce costs. Patented remote diagnostics capabilities on the 5500 enable monitoring of diagnostic trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency and more. Plug-and-play design provides for easy, quick installation without splicing wires. Both the GPS and cellular antennas are contained internally in the device. An optional window-mount GPS antenna is also available. The serial port allows for integration with compatible Garmin devices using a Garmin FMI cable and also integrates with laptops and other devices by providing a constant NMEA data feed. The 5000 Series includes sensor ports for monitoring various voltage events occurring within the vehicle, such as Power Take Off (PTO) engagement/disengagement, secondary engine on/off, and door open/close.


Light bar provides added safety

Landoll’s gooseneck Stop, Tail and Turn Light Bar, for the Landoll 800 Series detachable trailer, works as a secondary set of safety and work lights mounted on the upper level of the gooseneck. The light bar is fully adjustable and gives added safety and visibility when operating in low-light conditions or at night. The light bar can be installed to existing trailers and, when the trailer is detached, will have rear-facing lights that illuminate the work area and supply warning lights to the rear. This new option is available at the factory or as a field-installed kit.

Major Wire

Fits any flat surface screen deck

Major Wire Industries now offers a full line of 1-by-2-foot Flex-Mat 3 self-cleaning modular screen media panels. According to the manufacturer, the new screen media size fits virtually any flat-surface screen deck, so asphalt plant screening operations using traditional 1-by-1-foot and 1-by-2-foot polyurethane and rubber panels can increase their existing screening capacity and in-spec material throughput up to 50 percent. Screening operations can choose between pin-, grooved-, snap- and step-types in opening sizes of 30 mesh, or 0.020 inches, up to 1-1/2 inches (30 mesh, or 0.5 mm, to 38 mm). Proven Flex-Mat 3 Modular 1-by-1-foot panels were introduced earlier, in 2007.

McCann Industries

Air compressors for rent

McCann Industries now offers the complete line of Sullair air compressors and related products at all locations in the Chicago area. The Sullair line includes air compressors from 185 to 1,600 cfm, plus oil-free air tools and air-end units. The equipment is available for sale or rent at all seven McCann Industries locations.

Grote Industries

Bright illumination for vehicle safety

Grote Industries’ new LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film provides all of the advantages of adhesive exit markers with the added benefit of being powered. The film provides the kind of bright illumination that can help lead disoriented passengers to safety, even in dark or hazy conditions.

Faro Technologies

The most portable laser scanner ever built

FARO Technologies’s Focus3D laser scanner is four times lighter and five times smaller than its competitors, making it the most portable laser scanner ever built, according to the manufacturer. With dimensions of 9.5 by 8 by 4 inches and weighing 11 pounds, the Focus3D is compact and portable. Thanks to its millimeter-accuracy and up to 976,000 measurement points/second, the Focus3D is said to offer the most efficient and precise method for measurement and 3D documentation.


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