If we all lived like New Yorkers we could all live in Texas

| August 15, 2011

Now this is cool.

Sometimes people who play with numbers come up with some really interesting stuff. Well, stuff I find interesting because it comes from left field. Like this.  The website www.persquaremile.com asked this question:

If the world’s 6.9 billion people lived in one city, how large would that city be if it were as dense as … (and you pick the city and find out.)

There are only a few cities calculated, but consider this.If everyone in the world lived in a place with the same population density as New York, we’d all fit into Texas.

Try it out. I’m not sure it will help you with much, but it’s one of those mind benders that can reset your mind for the day.

Oh, and what is persquaremile. Here’s how it describes itself:

Per Square Mile is a blog about density. It’s about what happens when people live like packed sardines. It’s also about what happens when people live so far apart they can go days without seeing another soul. It’s about living amongst trees and prairies, and living in places miles away from them. It’s about the trees and the prairies, too. And lakes and streams and animals and insects. In short, this is a blog about density of all types


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