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PROVIDENCE, R.I., April 19, (2010) – Tri-Products, LLC., has introduced duraPATCH, a specially designed liquid asphalt formula, combined with a high quality aggregate structure, that provides for engineered cold patch material that is superior in durability for long lasting service. duraPATCH’s unique asphalt formula achieves superior coating and adhesion properties allowing for the application in wet or dry conditions. The duraPATCH asphalt formulation has been tested to meet ASTM Standards to maintain the qualities needed for optimal performance. With duraPATCH, the industry now has a high performance patch material that enables maintenance crews to provide a “one-time” only application.

duraPATCH has been formulated to provide workability during cold winter months, and is tough enough to withstand the stress and strain of traffic abuse. duraPATCH is available in bulk quantities in many locations or shipped to you pre-bagged (50 lbs) and placed on pallets for convenience. This allows for easy and clean handling, transportation, application and storage inside or out.

This high performance material allows for easy patching of potholes or repair of any pavement and concrete surface. The ability of the duraPATCH formula to self-heal with expansion and contraction movements from freeze-thaw cycles makes it an ideal cold weather patch material. duraPATCH can easily be handled or moved by hand or with equipment.

According to Mike Jennings, Director of Sales and Marketing of Tri-Products, “ We are very pleased to provide our customers with an all weather, high performance cold patch road repair material that provides them with a “one-time” only application saving them time and money.”

Prior to maintenance patching use, duraPATCH can be placed inside for ease of application during winter months. For optimal results potholes should be cleaned and be relatively dry before filling. Then, compact in 2 inch lifts until flush with or slightly above the existing surface. If compaction is not feasible, over fill the hole or trench being repaired, as traffic will compact the material. duraPATCH is not just patch filler, it’s a pavement repair.


Tri-Products, LLC brings innovative solutions to your unique paving challenges with pavement maintenance, emulsion, and specialty asphalt products. As a member of The Hudson Asphalt Group, Tri-Products, LLC offers time-proven products backed by superior quality and customer service at competitive price points. Our expert personnel with decades of industry experience work closely with our customers to tailor products to your needs.

Our strategic geographic locations give us the logistical advantage in serving various paving companies as well as municipal and state contractors throughout the Northeast. For more information go to, www.hudsoncompanies.com  or call Mike Jennings, Director of Sales and Marketing at 401-274-2200 extension 3234

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