Crack-N-Tack® Portable Drum Pump

September 4th, 2008



Makes Crack Filling Easy: Speeds up your crews by eliminating the need to constantly move the drum or
refill the pour pots.

Highly Portable: This small but powerful unit is easily set in place by two people, requiring no air compressor or electrical hookups. The pump is self-contained and is gasoline powered.

Easy Clean-up:
The pump is simply washed out with water eliminating the need for additional
cleaning products.

Multiple Uses:
This unit can be used to apply Kold Flo® Pourable Crack Filler, asphalt emulsions,
water and many other non-caustic liquids.


Engine: 4 HP Honda engine, with a 6:1 gear reduction.

Pump: Moyno 333, an extremely versatile, low shear, progressive cavity pump.

Valve:One valve for easy operation, used only when priming.

Cam-Lock Connections:Hose connections are designed for quick set up and break down.

¢ Pre-set pressure relief valve for safe and steady operation.

¢ Heavy-duty construction but still light weight and easy to use.

Warranty:One year on workmanship with varying warranties on components.


Manufacturers of Asphalt Crack Filler:

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